How To Unlock Incredible Power In Your Marriage, Business & Life Starting Right Now
...Used by 10,000+ Family Men Across 27 Countries Who Desire 
to Have It All (Skeptical? Good. Just Watch.)
The LAST Kings Challenge In 2018
Begins November 5th
  • 1:48 - The World Picture of You: How To Break The Fog
  •  5:26 - Just Get The Money: How To Avoid The "New Empty"
  •  7:59 - No Matter How Big You Get: How To Prevent Success Depression
  • 10:20 - Freedom Through The Truth: How To Use The Code
  •  12:39 - Just Be The Man: How To Have It All Across the Core 4
  •  29:29 - Finding Your Why: How To Pull Off The Impossible
  • 34:15 - The Man On The Island: How To Reach Greatness
  •  40:04 - The Revolution: How To Create Momentum
  •  44:49 - Finding Your Light: The Art of Power & Forgiveness
  •  55:53 - The Cost of Going Alone: Taking The Shortcut
One of the greatest challenges we face as men today is balancing business with marriage with kids with life with health...and beyond. You're bored. You've burned out. Or you're broken down. Unifying your life is the struggle, never quite being able to put it all together. Juggling the chaos.
We'll show you the inarguable proof shortly (we have hours of it), but first we'll show you why it works. There's the method, and then there's the reason behind the method. This is Core 4 and the Science is called "Reverse Engineered Production". Check it:
The Full Scoop is the Art of The Warrior's Way. A game and app used by thousands across the globe to sky-rocket their businesses, re-ignite relationships, get ripped & find unwavering certainty. It's a Science. And it'll work whether you're a millionaire looking for his next edge, or a man who needs a fresh kickstart.
The tools, training & technology of the Warrior's Way is all fueled into a 30 Day Challenge for you to point that fire and fury across the Core 4 areas of life. With powerful men, no-mercy coaches, and a fire to light up every area of your life - NO where else in the world can you access such an elite combination of tech, teaching, training & transformation (we checked).
You'll learn "Reverse Engineered Production" to unlock power in your sex life, bank account, fitness, confidence, relationships, leadership and more through a series of finely-crafted 4 weeks. Each week adds exponential momentum through a daily protocol that takes no more than 1 hour. You invest 1 hour of your life every day for 4 weeks, we'll help you accelerate the next 30 years of your life, guaranteed.
Every man needs his power tools. As you know, using the right tools will empower you to get the job done quick - and the wrong tools set you up for failure. We've spent years of vigorous research & millions in testing to build an arsenal of simple, yet groundbreaking tools  that will accelerate your 30 Day Journey and beyond. Bro, we got your back.
Get the best-selling power-house, step-by-step book on how to use the Warrior's Way to power up your life. 
You'll Learn:
 HOW TO GAIN POWER: The System of Warrior laid out in full detail with road-maps on how to dust off the fury and fire that's been stagnant for so long.
 HOW TO IGNITE PRODUCTION: What to do daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly so the system works for your business. This is tactical, not just theory. 
 HOW TO MAKE PROFIT: The Game is built on a foundation of profit within the Core 4 areas of life. i.e. Results. You'll learn how to make each area of life work together for profit.
 HOW TO UNCOVER PURPOSE: The final piece is tying it all together with a clear, powerful "WHY" that drives towards meaningful results. Not just flash, but a future you've always dreamed of. 
A short guidebook on how to navigate the deepest questions and struggles of being a man... and how to answer / solve them. 
You'll Learn:
 HOW TO COMMUNICATE: In work. In your love. With your children. Better communication skills are uncovered thru a unique method of uncovering your own behaviors.
 HOW TO REVERSE BEHAVIOR: Let's speak candidly. Your actions get you your results. But what about when you're stuck, and you're trying? We'll show you how to reverse little tricks to accelerate new habits. 
 HOW TO SPEAK TRUTH POWERFULLY: The truth, and speaking it powerfully, is a secret ingredient the life you want. Most dudes just suck at it, and never get what they want. We'll show you how to do this without burning your life to the ground.
Cement your legacy with the War Map, a way to manifest your revelations from your 30 Day Challenge. Something you'll cherish forever. 
You'll Keep:
 CUSTOM INSIGHTS: No insights are as valuable as the customized revelation you receive throughout your challenge. 
 A FAMILY HEIRLOOM: When the time is right, showcase your valuable lessons and bestow the journey in a book form for generations to come.
 A STORY OF CHANGE: Do not take this lightly. You will become a beacon of change inside of your family, and an example to follow through your writings.
Dudes like maps. So we made a visual playbook of the whole game and how to play it. Every page carefully designed for maximum execution in minimal time.
You'll Learn:
 HOW TO TURN 12 MONTHS INTO 90 DAYS: It's called the "Warrior Timewarp", and it's a result of a specific sequence of modular action. It's simple, we break it down for you, and you'll start reaping the benefits immediately. 
 HOW TO 4X PRODUCTIVITY AT WORK: Most outcomes you have are unclear, without a measurable system of achieving big ass results. The playbook shows you a new approach that works. 
 HOW TO UNIFY BUSINESS AND LIFE: Too many times we burn bridges at home to make bank at work, or sacrifice productivity to spend time and invest at home. That's an old compromise. We'll show how fueling both is an equation that doubles results in both areas. 
What you measure, grows. As the King of your Kingdom, you must measure the game. We built a platform for you.
You'll Get:
 THE DESKTOP APP: Plan, execute and manage your whole battle plan across the Core 4 like the General of an army right from your laptop.
 THE MOBILE APP: Play the game on the go, and easily take Warrior with you anywhere you are. You're never more than a swipe away. 
 HOW TO WIN: The software platform is your best friend. Seeing your own stats, numbers & results in your face helps you actually track how quickly the results come into your life. You're gonna need it with how quickly things start to change. 
Where the tools, training & tactics hit the ground into a  private, secure and modern network purely dedicated to the daily conversation and weekly training of the 30 Day Challenge.
You'll Experience:
 ASSOCIATION: The Brotherhood you play the game and Challenge with are like-minded, no BS men committed to being 4 Dimensional Men. Period. You become who you associate with.
 ACCOUNTABILITY: When it gets hard, we hold you to your edge. Iron sharpens iron. You'll be held to a standard where results you seek are nearly guaranteed. 
 ACTION PLANS: We're not hype-talkers and flashy tactic thinkers. The Challenge is daily massive action, and we lay out each action for you so there's no guess-work, and just straight GO.
 ACCESS: No other coaching & training company in the world gives you access to a more cutting edge suite of books, software tools, private networking & live training than Warrior. Welcome to the unmatched standard. We dare any organization to challenge what we've built for you. 
Years of video & audio training from our events in an organized, highly curated library of content for nearly any topic in the Core 4.
You'll Access:
 EVENT REPLAYS: Our Summit's, WarriorCon events, and private trainings are all recorded in HD, Multi-Cam and professionally edited. It'll feel like you were there for them all.
 TRAINING REPLAYS: We have hundreds of hours finely split with detailed show notes (yes, we hired someone just to write show notes), so you can find exactly the insight or tip you're looking for.
Led by Coach Garrett and Coach Sam, we have a whole unit of Warrior Coaches that will be guiding you through your 30 Day Challenge. These are not random dudes off the street. These are not for-hire coaches. You are led by men who live this game, have proven this game in their lives, and know how to help you get results FAST across the Core 4. 
Have a look inside one of our first 30 Day Challenges, and the results Challenge Participants experienced. 
"I grew my business from the ground up using Warrior."
Russ Perry, graduate of Warrior Week 22 used the Warrior's Way to grow a business from annual 6 figures, to monthly $500/k while igniting his marriage and parenting life with purpose, love, intimacy and connection. 
This film is special.
"Warrior gave me the perspective and the process I needed."
AZ and His wife were about to burn it all: Their business, their marriage, their lives they had built together. On the verge of losing it, they used Warrior to double down on their marriage and their business... now, they built an empire together and talk about how they pulled it off.
"My wife hated me, daughters hated me... I was blind to what I had."
This film follows Jim Steg, his wife and his daughter through an emotional interview showing how they came back from nearly destroying everything. Grab a tissue for this one.
"I was afraid she couldn't handle me."
Successful Gym owner and businessman Jesse came to Warrior looking for deeper fire, purpose and connection in his life and with his family. What him and his wife Katy found was a new bond that helped them double their business & double their intimacy at the same time.
"I had built, lost and built again. I wanted guarantees this time..."
A successful Financial Planner and investor, Mike had built steam on a second ascent to big success, and was searching for a better system to insure its growth while pouring time and attention into his family. Member #1! Mike's story is inspiring.
"I Knew I was on the path of losing my business & marriage..."
Shahn came to Warrior knowing if he stayed his current course, he'd lose everything he had built. Warrior gave him business tools to explode his business while sequentially healing and turning up the volume in his marriage and kids' life. Shahn is a beacon.
"I got more out of this than my Masters in Business..."
Alan Earl, business owner, father and Husband - came to Warrior for modern business strategy, marketing, and beyond. What he got was more than he planned...A brotherhood to help him hit big results and tools to be a better dad.
"Already being successful, I redrew the line for what was great for me."
Serial entrepreneur Greg Anderson used the methods of Warrior to take an already great life and completely redefine how to continue growing without burning out, or feeling "empty."
"I was looking for a group of powerful men I could relate to."
eCommerce maverick Rick Steele was already living life beyond most's dreams. 70MM company, healthy, great family. But there was a search, a gap he wanted to fill thru powerful association with 4 dimensional men. Such a cool dude! Check this story.
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  • 5. KINGDOM APP & SOFTWARE (14 Days)
  • 7. THE ARMORY (14 DAYS)
Brother, it's $300. Of course there's no guarantee. If you're looking for a way to guarantee your results or otherwise you want your $300 back, you should probably just leave this page and run far, far away. Hey, tough love. 👊
How does it cost?
The KingsKit & 30 Day Challenge is $100 + Shipping and Handling of your KingsKit.
How much time commitment is needed?
No more than 30 minutes a day, with 60 minutes once a week. Sometimes less, sometimes more. This is a challenge... it's meant to be work. However, if you're already looking for ways to play the minimum level of work required, it's likely you won't get much about of this challenge. 
Do I get the Armory, Kingdom App & Network forever with my purchase?
Your access to the Kingdom Software, App and Network will expire at the end of your 30-Day Challenge, but you will get an invitation to continue your journey with us after the challenge to join the Brotherhood.
Can I do the challenge several times?
You are able to complete a challenge once every 180 days through the Kings Challenge experience. If you want to continue playing this game with the Brotherhood, you will be invited in at the end of your 30 Day Challenge. 
What if I can't make the trainings?
We have weekly training replay's posted and organized, so if you miss anything LIVE - you'll be able to watch any of the replays and catch up on your own time.
How does the Challenge schedule work?
We hold a daily discussion & experiential process for you play the game in your daily life, and then a weekly training where all challenge participants engage, discuss, and get trained by Coach Sam, Coach Garrett and the crew.
Are there any refunds?
No. There are zero refunds of your $300 investment + shipping and handling. If you request a refund, you will not receive a $300 refund. Go all in on yourself. 
Is Warrior a cult?
For real, we get this question. We do not adhere to a specific religion, political, or spiritual belief system or church. We are a training organization providing tools, technology and transformative events for men to liberate their marriage, business & life. We have passionate members, and passionate leaders! This is a movement, not a cult.
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